Bad news

On way back to Poland from Sint Eustatius my bag was lost again (probably you remember my problems with lost luggage on way to PJ5). In the bag is transceiver, power supply, Heil headphones, wire antennas and ropes.

Keep fingers crossed as it is only one week to departure to Bhutan.

Our location in Bhutan

It is extremely difficult to find good QTH in Bhutan. The country is very mountainous with deep valleys surrounded by steep mountain ranges. Moreover, there is a high level of electromagnetic interference in the valleys.

We will stay high in Dochula Eco Retreat at about 3070m above sea level. Seems to be good open area short path to USA, Europe and Japan. However long path to North America will be through mountain range 3500m about 2 km from our hotel, so rather rely on on a short path.

Terrain short path to North America
Terrain towards Europe
Terrain towards Japan

Terrain long path to North America
View to the northwest
View to the north